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The Ecomat is the perfect addition to your office décor or home workspace. This vegan leather desk pad is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. With the integrated wireless charger, you can easily charge all your wireless chargeable devices without having to connect too many cables. This helps keep your workspace tidy and organized.

The size of the Ecomat is 30x80cm, and the material is made of vegan leather. In addition to the fact that the material is vegan, the Ecomat also contributes to planting new trees. A portion of the proceeds is donated to plant new trees. This way, you can not only keep your workspace beautiful and organized, but also contribute to a better environment.

The features of the Ecomat are endless: environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, durable, easy to use, and it contributes to planting new trees. With the Ecomat, you not only create a comfortable workspace, but also contribute to a better world. Order the Ecomat now and complete your workspace!


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